Monday, December 17, 2007

Let us try something new, yes? We are going to try a daily blog... At very least about my daily exploits. This will make me update, and drive me to do at least a few interesting things a day.

Perhaps I might even stick to the daily schedule!

Anyway, Today was a good day, I guess.

Went shopping... I hate shopping... Got Christmas presents and assorted Christmas goods. My driving is improving. For example, now it's not me who freaks out. It's my mother, the self-avowed Bad Passenger. She's not the worst. Not by far. But it's good for me to have a nervous passenger. It made me recognize things I know others don't.

Did not get minutes for my Cell Phone. We were checking out at the counter at the place we planned on getting them at, and we realized something. The kind I needed was not with all the others. The kind I use was in the electronics section... And I was not about to go slogging back through the store after we had started checking out. Oh no. So that was a flop. Got 40 bucks on my desk, and I'm about to label them Cell Phone NOW.

Or not. Maybe something polite, because I get angry when someone demands something of me in the morning. Even if it is me.

God, shopping takes all day. IT'S SO STUPID. ANNOYING. SUPERCILIOUS.

Why is my blog, at this moment, the equivalent of a teen age girls Myspace Bulletin? BECAUSE I SAID SO. And that's good enough for me. Gotta start somewhere with that daily update thing, right?

Also, Left Turns are Harder then they appear.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Good Evening! Good Morrow!

I'm hoping you all had a wonderful All's Hallow Eve! It is now All Saints day! Before the 12th chime of midnight a few minutes ago, the Trooping Faeries all left, going to where ever... I hope not my area... then again, could be fun.

The last of the witches are probably going to go home soon, and all the beasties will be well hidden before the first light of dawn. Kids will begin their efforts to fatten a dentist's wallet, and parents will be busy sorting candy. Men and women will be sleeping off their hang overs, or working through them, and some people will realize: Wow, they were much more attractive last night, or God, I hope I'm not pregnant.

Me? I didn't do anything much. Second year in a row, so I'm a little sad. But next year... I start EARLY. :)

And then All Souls Day upon the next midnight! Honor those who died since the last!

G'luck with the candy, kids, hang overs, dead pies... whatever...

Monday, October 15, 2007

Advice and Style

So, as it turns out, when I give out advice, I give out pretty good advice. As a result of this, I used to be approached pretty regularly for advice. Then everything slowed down. I have "attitude problems" and am a "Jerk", whatever all that is.

Anyway, I decided to sum up all of my advice in one blog, which'll show up on my real blog in a bit...

Here we go:
Don't date bad people. And you know bad people. They are those who have bad habits, bad friends, and don't seem to take care of themselves. People who are known for drinking, drugs, promiscuity, all that.

If you feel like you don't belong, you probably don't. But that shouldn't stop you from having fun. Learn to ACT! Pretend like you belong, and then make everyone realize that, Wow!, your pretty awesome. How, you ask? Play it smart. Don't focus on yourself, be friendly, and don't talk like a moron...

Cleanliness is next to godliness. I cannot stress this enough. If your sitting at home, cleaning or not doing anything, it's okay to be a bit dirty or a little smelly. But SHOWER whenever you get the chance, or if you think you might be going out. Wash your hair, body, condition, trim nails, shave or trim whatever you shave or trim. Image is everything, with others AND yourself.

When in doubt, ask yourself... WWKD? What would Keala do? And this means no drugs, little or no alcohol unless friends I trust are there, and when in doubt, RUN LIKE HELL.

Yeah, other then that, I've decided to watch more television. Why, you ask? Why, when I have YouTube and stuff to entertain my happy ass? Why, for style! Look at the way people dress, don't emulate but imitate. Like I said before, Image is EVERYTHING. You may not care what other people think, but other people do. If you look good, feel good, and are clean, then hot damn! Your hittin' 900, kid!

That being said, my style is still jeans, collared t-shirts, off brand running shoes... mp3 player...

That's about it.

OH YEAH!!! Jim Carrey can SING like a PRO.
I Am The Walrus

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Titan Project

So, there is this Missile Base up by Larson in Washington State. It up for sale. It used to be 3 missile silo's and the accompanying above and below ground buildings and such. It really is quite neat. And is rather interesting as far as the possibilites...
Oh, you want a link? Sure, we can do that for you.

Anyway, I got really excited about possible ways to raise 300,000 dollars for the down payment, and to keep up with the necessary payments. I don't think it can be done. But anytime you attempt to make or get 300,000 dollars, even if you fail to get it, it's still money that you've made or whatever.

Me and Erlic of Erlic Empires, to which I'll post a link of whatever he wants me to later, are going to attempt to buy the missile base...

Monday, October 08, 2007


So, I've been neglecting my duties. Not only have I not blogged in awhile, but I haven't addressed one of the most important topics: FOOD.

Now, one might say, that is not so important. Go without it for a few days.
The edibility of a food is directly proportional to each factor of a food:
DANGER: Fugu is a poisonous blow fish stuff. It's tasty, good for you, but if not properly prepared, a hallucinogenic highly deadly toxin.
TASTE: Soy cubes of Tofu are very very safe. And very very very good for you. And taste like bland met a boring woman and had a retarded child.
NUTRITION: Twinkies are delicious, and pretty safe. But they hold no nutrional value of note, other then straight life saving calories.

Now, this is all super random. But that's me... And a guy I've kinda gotten to know has started a wine blog and broached the wine pairings topic. This reminded me of fooooooooood...

Now, gluttony is not one of my vices. Rather the opposite. I eat, then I don't. Sometimes I eat very little in a day, despite the fact that people are eating and cooking and offering food to me all the time. Sometimes I'll cook something myself and not eat it.

But if something is worth doing, it's worth going overboard a little.

Now, let me tell you guys something. Cooking is not about perfect measuring. It's not about exact times. It's not about fancy words... even though rotisserie roasting something is still good, and a rue is still the best word for a sauce base... But each person has a different recipe for the same thing. Even coffee. Why? TASTE. Cooking is all about taking something non-dangerous and nutritional, sticking it with other things, and making the natural tastes better. OR NOT!!! Take a plain piece of cow, throw it on a steel grill over a fire... mmmm...

I'm just going to touch a broad range of my strategy.

Point ONE: Spices are good, but not too important. The Overboard lesson here is very important. You can spice something, you can go overboard, but you should NEVER overspice. A few good spices to choose are rosemary and garlic, and of course salt and pepper. Some people like light spice, some people put more pepper on their salad then I put in my cooking period.

Point TWO: Just because something burns doesn't mean it's bad. A little bit of black is pretty good, especially when your dealing with sugar or other sweet things. Barbecue especially, you want that stuff to burn the sauce a bit. It caramelizes the sugar, and makes the meat soak a little more of the flavor. But again, there is the Overboard rule. I like my barbecue chicken to be black, but not charred and flaky. Some people seem to be violently allergic to anything even remotely black...

Point THREE: Starchy foods. Pasta's, Potatoes, Rice (to break up the alliteration), and Breads. If you can't figure out something to go with that soup, Bread is your best friend. Cooking strong flavored foods? Potatoes or Rice! Pasta's there to compliment any complicated dish. This is one of the few overboard exempt rules! GO PEDDLE TO THE METAL! Worst comes to worst, you have some spare potatoes, rice, pasta, or bread. And gosh, what will you do with it? I vote eat it... Because starchy foods are really good for people who are attempting to become healthier. They don't turn into fat as fast as fat, and they burn really well for people with high activity levels. Sports or Marathons, or even if your just jumping out a womens window and running from angry boyfriends, starches give you the energy you need!

As to what you should drink with anything, Half the Bottle Down should be doing wine pairings eventually. Soda's are pretty smart, as they are pretty common. And for those really good days, Lemonade or Tea...

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Anglo Saxons Always Bet Red.

So, I have come to a grrraaannnddd conclusion.
Diplomacy SUCKS. Yeah. I have a new goal. To be the biggest ruler of the biggest nation. That way I can just smack all the others into line. This whole bargaining thing is NOT FUN. Oh well.

For those of you who have no idea what any of that has anything to do with anything, LUCKY!!!

Now, let us speak of politics.
HILARY: No change.
OBAMA: Black, young John Kerry.
THOMPSON: Next president.
POLITICAL DRIVE TO RE-LOWER DRINKING AGE TO 18: As an 18 yr old, I have a moral obligation to support it.
IMMIGRATION DEBATE: Well... Militarize the border. Use of Deadly Force Authorized. No Mans Land declared. Any Mexican soldiers trespassing are to be captured, conscripted, then done whatever we feel like. Hey, there's an idea... conscript our enemies to get around the geneva conventions... wonder what they say about that.

Now, let me muse on a friendlier topic. My life!

Okay... that was short. It's mine... It's life... It's... summed up in two words... my life... wow... I need a girlfriend... Or a real hobby... something...

Video Games!: BioShock is easily game of the month. It has a good chance for Game of the Year, but Halo 3 is probably going to take that. I can't talk about it really, not without throwing up spoilers. Best to say: Rescuing ending is the best by far. And I liked Atlas... Hated Fontaine... and realized the connection between you, ryan, and would you kindly early enough to hate what was going on.

This thing, Call of Duty 4... That's probably going to do really well. The multiplayer beta, I registered and downloaded and all that, has put me on my butt. This game is GOOD. The mechanics, the versatility. Even the small choice of game types, which isn't that small, is very good and fun. Plant and Disarm the Bomb in Search and destroy. There is a territories like mode. Then there is Deathmatch and the team version. Woo wee... this is going to be a fun while.

So, anyway, I've been wondering... What's up?
Not to mention, keep an eye out. I'm going to... eventually... start some video web logging soon. :0

That's VideoBlogging, I think... something....

Laters. ONE rules! sorta

Thursday, August 16, 2007

BMW is not a car company
It's a confusing show on disney...

And a happy HELLO to Order of Night Eternal.

Anyway, I was joking and told a group of people to Google Arrowatch... I don't know what I was thinking. I forgot about my Blog here. I was thinking of the myriad of other places Arrowatch is living in cyberspace, or perhaps my gamer tag would show up...

They found this not oft used blog.

Hey guys, didn't mean to confuse you with this. :)

Anyway, on to more pressing issues while I'm here. Boy Meets World.
Corey and Topenga got married. Last week they were in Jr. High... This show be confusing. Also: Why am I watching it?!

Ugh. I'm feeling sick. Like hangover, but no drinking. I'm going to lay down, I think.

And remember: Freedom is only a duck away from foosball.

Monday, July 23, 2007

My Mad Scientist attempts to make an army
Or Militant Mother Nature

I have been spending time attempting to expand my army. And have come to a few conclusions.
Cockroaches are unfit for experimentation. They don't listen, aren't prone to training, and don't survive surgery to outfit them as berserks. Go figure.
Flies are, while easier to train, show offs and dare devils. Life span is too short as well.
Squirrels, as my ex once suggested, are not good soldiers. They would rather attempt to kill you. Be warned.
Rabbits are untested. They are just hard as heck to catch. This will henceforth be called the Bugs Bunny Effect.
Dogs are easily outfitted and trained, but are too valuable to be used as either front line soldiers or scouts. Except chihuahua dogs and other such useless creatures. They are useless.
My curiousity drives me to wonder about several other potential species, including apes and snakes. Both can be trained, snakes are naturally armed, and gorilla's and other apes are only a few steps from intelligence.
Unfortunately, my bio-weapons division has yet to produce an acceptable organic implant or bio-electrically driven energy source.
I fear this may be a longer task then expected.

In Other News
I watched the new Harry Potter movie one week ago from today. Right about now, actually. It was rather enjoyable, but it wasn't amazing or anything. They haven't updated their 3d capabilities or film techniques since the first movie. While they aren't BAD, and it is consistent, it doesn't lend the believability that it could have. But, I did enjoy the movie.
The new book was VERY good, on the other hand. Not my favorite, but it finally ended the series. And it was much like a russian play in that so many people died. It ended happily though. I finished it in under 24 hours, including about 6 hours sleep and 4 hours of non-reading time for cooking dinner and such.

I've found a new appreciation for purified drinking water. Ghastly stuff that runs in the taps out here.

So, I've been wondering. What does a nut like me do with his spare time? Turns out he draws. Then throws the drawing away. Draws more. Keeps that one. Writes some story or poetry, takes photo's of cheezits, talks to friends, get's bored. Then sleeps. Naps are boss!

Quote of the moment. "Wow, that's just stupid."

:( K

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Michael Crichton
Or my aura looks like pudding.

The author whom I speak of in the title is a good author, and director. I rather like him.

His scientific approach is non-existant. Rather, he tries to approach things from the standpoint of reality. Science does not govern reality. Science barely explains reality. Science is self-serving. Reality just IS. really doesn't matter what you say or do.

Perhaps it is the nature of humanity to be afraid of things that can't be explained away, to deify and glorify that which seems to be, but cannot be explained. We feared and honored thunder and lightning for a very long time. And, because of our lack of fear, we tend to get zapped by it. Huh. Hiding in caves might have been wiser.

Also, there are things out there that cannot be scientifically measured. The measurement itself is the problem. Math is also a problem. While it does help quantize, thats turn into quantities, a number of things, it still doesn't explain alot. Chemists get lost due to math. And math can out math itself.

Not to mention, our science can't even figure out what it believes in. Psychaitry and Psychology were unaccepted, now they are a large portion of our medicine. Hypnotism, and Dr. Mesmer, were frowned and hated, even recently, but now Hypno-Therapists are some of the more successful therapists in the world.

And poisons, molds, rots, things we hate and loath, are injected into our bodies WILLINGLY with POSTIVE RESULTS.
Pig Botulism reduces wringles and lifts our face.
Penicillin is... well, that one was too easy.
We use viruses to conduct our genetic research. And some forms are very effective bacteria killers.
BLEACH, AMMONIA, and whatever is in CLR. Deadly chemicals, they destroy pretty much everything... so we harness that. We use it. And now, brighter whites, cleaner clothes, squeakier floors, CLEAN PIPES AND STUFF!!!

Now, why can't we just buckle down and try to research Psychic Phenomena.
We say we do. But you can't make them happen in laboratory settings. You can't produce them consistently. You can't always perform them with all people.

Then again... We can't create a black hole in a laboratory. We have to observe it, relatively speaking, in it's natural enviroment. We can't consistently produce many quantum events, but we believe in them. And while we know people can be allergic to shellfish, or cats, or dogs, or (and these are the people I feel sorry for) Peanuts or Cheese Cake (lactose intolerant), many of us aren't. YET DESPITE THE FACT THAT WE CANNOT RECREATE THESE WITHOUT THE RIGHT PEOPLE, WE ACCEPT THEM AS A FACT.

Come on, guys. How long are you going to believe the world is flat without looking for the edge? How long are you going to just go running to science when you see something weird. When can I convince you that, hey, it doesn't matter what causes the sky to be blue, but it does matter WHY it is blue. And no one can tell me that without resorting to some kind of god. I used to think I did, but that was only how it was blue.

To Mr Crichton, whom will never read this, WOW. Theories, speaches, and many idea's, not to mention you myriad of different works and collaberations, continue to boggle the mind. One of the genius elite. Though, unfortunately, you may not be as famous as you deserve till after your death, like many, many other members of the genius elite.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Darkness

Okay, just started. Good game so far. GOOD storyline. GREAT opening sequence.

The main character, Jackie Estacado, looks GOOD. So does everything. Graphics look good. Your two best friends in the begining you get to like. Before 5 minutes are up, they are both gone.
So, there is this Lt. Watada. He refused to go to Iraq, and made a couple of, for people of the military, illegal speaches.

He said he was refusing to obey an illegal order. Because the war is illegal.

I may have broached this subject, but all wars are legal. Sovereign right as a nation. Something most of us "civilized" people seem to forget.

Some other "progressive" sites said that the war was illegal due to the president's basis on unfacts (some even said lies), and I found too many while looking for the name of that thing which says soldiers are not only free, but obligated, to disobey an order that breaks or violates laws, treaties, or the constitution. (If anyone can give me the name of that particular thing, I'd be most appreciative.)

Let's get this straight. He was looking for WMD's, and diposing of a terror sponsoring dictator. Assuming you say no contacts with Al-Queda, and that's probably not true, the Danish found Mustard gas and mortar shells. That's a WMD. Chemical weapons are the original WMD. Nuclear weapons were re-classified as WMD, though they were formerly Atomic Weapons. We knew he already used them. Okay, allegedly, there is a slight chance that some outside operators may have come in and killed all the kurds. And there is a chance that JFK's assasination was a communist plot. Oh, here's a thought! I think with a bit of research and creativity, I can create a viable communist conspiracy around JFK's death. Or perhaps a Suicide Conspiracy.

While I'm the first person to credit sound conspiracies, not everything is convoluted. Sometimes it was just an unhappy american who killed the person. Maybe the holy grail was burned in a tavern fire. Maybe our intelligence was sound, and tracks were hidden. And maybe I'm a Right Wing nutjob. My teachers think I'm a liberal extremist.

Maybe I'm just a Warmonger. Possibly. Me and The Rough Rider himself.

-Arrowatch has too much spare time.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wow. Just WOW. It has been a VERY long time since I actually posted here. Almost a Year.

Okay, since no one reads it anyway, quick my life Re-Cap.

Got back with jenn. Fell out quickly. Couple of close encounters, minor together/aparts, final fall out, big pregnancy scare, almost got together again, called her a whore, and we are kaputs. Barely friends. She's not a bad person, I am. I will admit my faults.

Fell for a girl, she had similiar boyfriend issues as I had with jenn. They stayed more together. Never had guts to ask her out. She went to boot camp in army.
Didn't hook up with girls at party, though not for their or my friends lack of trying. My mad womenzorskillz are non-existent. Too shy, I guess. And I can be a jerk.

Between last post and this one, I grew close to a few of my previously sattelite friends. Cameron Parry, Elyias Amaya, Travis Ratliff. Good guys. I actually spend a large portion of my time either sleeping, or hanging out with them. Cameron gets us into trouble, Travis laughs with me at the trouble, and Elyias... Well, I'm not sure WHAT Elyias does. Comedic Relief/Bat Cave.
Grew apart from some of my other friends. They went down a path I don't agree with.

Hehehe. Senior Year. I GRADUATED. Oh Yeah, Diploma. I didn't get honors, or NSF, or nothing. I did too much slacking. Grr to me. Smartest person in class gets smacked by slacker-ness. Okay, Second. Greg Saylor, good guy, might be smarter.

Oh, god, where do I start.
Still hate Hillary Clinton. Sorry. She slips into a southern accent whenever she's not infront of a hoighty toighty crowd. She panders. The Devil once remarked, and I'm 18 so I can say this, "That is one cold ass bitch." I know, I was there thwarting an Apocolypse.

Fred Thompson is a good guy. Actor not withstanding, he has been in politics constantly for a long time. I'm proud to say I will support him when/if he chooses to run.

Bruce Willis is Bruce Willis. He makes fun of Al Gore. BYAAAHHH!!!

I miss blogging more regularly...

I have been an avid Ducks fan since they were named by Disney. Since I was little.
The first time the cup winners were on the West Coast in 80 Years. First time in California EVER. Three teams in So-Cal. The DUCKS take the cup this year, the year of my graduation. SCANT DAYS BEFORE SAID GRADUATION!!!

Umm... Yeah. I'll try and keep this thing updated. Who knows, someone might actually read it.

-Arrowatch, The Master of All