Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Welcome again. The goverment is as is, complaining won't help. The world is as is, complaining won't help. The I is in team, if you say " I am part of the team." And the politcians are funny as all can be. Welcome to Madness and Mayhem.

That said, Hullo, How are you? I have to read "The Diary of Anne Frank", and I can't get into it. And I don't like that the Mighty Ducks lost on Sunday. Or that the tree's have a vandetta with me, but made peace with the mole men. Just kidding, on the last one.
Joke time (non-politically correct, of course)
How do you conquer france? Enter their state house, and say surrender in german.
What's the worst thing to do in politics? Go through the U.N.
What's the worst pun in the news? Rush's rush.

And Now for more on my Girlfriend.
She is a crazy cook, sometimes. She swears she's smarter then the stupid bear, but she doesn't give herself enough credit. She is incredibly smart, And she doesn't listen to me on that.
She is also incredibly beautiful, and thinks I say that to only flatter her, but I don't. (Don't tell her I said this.)

Friday, October 10, 2003

When you are almost done, life says "Here, I'm not done laughing. Try this one."

Well, I have Spanish, year one, for my 5th period class, and he's (in his own word) a little self centered.
I was explaining to someone what a 45 was (the smaller then a 33 record record) and he made us stand outside. Well, were standing, and she(Alana) (asks me "do you think he'll let me go to the bathroom?" She asks, he says no, and she freaks, suddenly I feel bad. I said to ask, not to just go. But there are 3 kind of people, the way they hand things. Gun-ho, diplomats, and criminals.
She's Gun-ho, My girlfriend is a nice Diplomat who border's on crook. I am a Criminal in the way I handle them. It's better to twist, then to tell the truth, in most cases. I never lie directly to people I deem important, Or on important subjects. I don't like to lie, and there is no reason to. I am an honest, nice person, but I don't like to give the teachers the edge, when I can have it.

Now, to a better subject. If anyone reads this, reply to me. Kealakalai@yahoo.com. How was your day?

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Arnold is the Governor of California, despite bashing, thrashing, and mexi-Davis, and all kinds of other things that people wanted, even my english teacher. I on the other hand, am happy. No more davis, no mexi-davis (oops, I forgot to tell you, mexi-davis is Bustamante). On the other hand, Galagher, and Coleman, and the one stripper chick faded out after a while. On the other hand, it is not as much change to me.
And for clarification, I am no octopus, or shiva. I only have two hands.

Now, As for the rest of you, who don't care, There is news. The Mighty Ducks of Anahiem play tonight, at 5 pm pacific time. I will post again at the end, to report. To my adolescent mind comes no recollection of who there are adverseries for this event are. I can sound intelligent , and I happen to be. Infuriates everybody to no end, and it's funny, to boot.

Well, if this is it, I leave you with this to ponder.
I had to hit him

-- he was starting to make sense."

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Boring day.
All of the true things I am about to tell you are shameless lies.

-- The Book of Bokonon / Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Love that line. that and
A diplomat is a man who can convince his wife she'd look stout in a fur
Nice, no?

Saturday, October 04, 2003

Funerals. I went to a funeral today. It was sad during the service, but after that, there was nothing that bad.
I didn't go to the casket, and look at my uncle's face. I was too afraid. I regret it, somewhat. But I can still remember him as he was, this tall, mountain of a man.
My Uncle had cancer. He had one, I can't remember what type, that he beat. I have a feeling that it caused the Lymphoma. The Lymphoma chemo-treatment killed him. He might have survived, but his children were to see him, exactly one week ago tomorrow. He died last saturday, one week ago exactly. I beleive that he didn't want his children's last sight of him to be a wasted away shell of himself. His wife kept telling him that they would walk through the hospital door, and see him. His ex-wife, not the widow, but his last wife, used the Lymphoma to steal his two blood related children, via the court, and he wasn't happy, and he didn't want any of his four kids to see him like he was.

Now, to better news. Or not quite as bad news. I have been a ducks fan since birth. Or atleast since I was 4. And now the mighty ducks, with all their team, minus Carney (injury around thier game with the cayotes), lose to the KINGS!!! Amazing. 4-0. They kings caught a shutout on the ducks, and it hurts (not to mention funny).

What's next. Ah yes. About my Girl friend. She's a Oops, out of time again. Bye.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Ah. Tired of listening to me? Not yet... Well, I have to say that if you are still here, Congratulations. Most of you should have left when I said I was a guy, and I was 14. Those of you who kept reading, I applaud. And now for what you came for.

I shouldn't say this, but What? The world is falling apart around our ears, and my hammer isn't big enough. Politics suck. Nukes here, Islam there, and a few leaks make the news, even if they weren't leaks. The husband of the Cia lady said so. It was common knowledge.

And what about the important stuff? Like news about JuJu bees, and Ice Cream. Just Kidding. Now answer me this. Why does it matter? Bottom line. It doesn't. Pakistan and India have Nukes, and want to shoot them at each other. (And if india can get Nukes, why can't the we test one!)

And let's go to my favourite topic. My Girl Friend. Oops, were all out of time. Till next time, This is me, signing off.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Ha. Had alot of fun today. Moved large rocks, painted large rocks, walked maybe a half mile, to 3/4 of a mile home, and got my favourite watch covered in white paint. Went to a friends before I became uncovered in white paint. Kinda fun.

NOW. For real news. I was watching something. Now I now this is bad (politics) but's wrong if you say "Under god," or wear a cross (christian), or display the ten commandments, or bow down, and begin reciting lines from a lotus sutra (buddhist sect). Religion is fine, and if some idiot (I use this world very slowly, and with great emphasis) want's to get rid of religion, I say HA! Get rid of them first. Aethism is a religion, and all those who aren't/are should respect each other.

More things. I believe that the rating systems is a guidline for the CONSUMER, not the manufacturer, or... er... the person who sells the stuff (I don't know everything) to the consumer.