Monday, July 23, 2007

My Mad Scientist attempts to make an army
Or Militant Mother Nature

I have been spending time attempting to expand my army. And have come to a few conclusions.
Cockroaches are unfit for experimentation. They don't listen, aren't prone to training, and don't survive surgery to outfit them as berserks. Go figure.
Flies are, while easier to train, show offs and dare devils. Life span is too short as well.
Squirrels, as my ex once suggested, are not good soldiers. They would rather attempt to kill you. Be warned.
Rabbits are untested. They are just hard as heck to catch. This will henceforth be called the Bugs Bunny Effect.
Dogs are easily outfitted and trained, but are too valuable to be used as either front line soldiers or scouts. Except chihuahua dogs and other such useless creatures. They are useless.
My curiousity drives me to wonder about several other potential species, including apes and snakes. Both can be trained, snakes are naturally armed, and gorilla's and other apes are only a few steps from intelligence.
Unfortunately, my bio-weapons division has yet to produce an acceptable organic implant or bio-electrically driven energy source.
I fear this may be a longer task then expected.

In Other News
I watched the new Harry Potter movie one week ago from today. Right about now, actually. It was rather enjoyable, but it wasn't amazing or anything. They haven't updated their 3d capabilities or film techniques since the first movie. While they aren't BAD, and it is consistent, it doesn't lend the believability that it could have. But, I did enjoy the movie.
The new book was VERY good, on the other hand. Not my favorite, but it finally ended the series. And it was much like a russian play in that so many people died. It ended happily though. I finished it in under 24 hours, including about 6 hours sleep and 4 hours of non-reading time for cooking dinner and such.

I've found a new appreciation for purified drinking water. Ghastly stuff that runs in the taps out here.

So, I've been wondering. What does a nut like me do with his spare time? Turns out he draws. Then throws the drawing away. Draws more. Keeps that one. Writes some story or poetry, takes photo's of cheezits, talks to friends, get's bored. Then sleeps. Naps are boss!

Quote of the moment. "Wow, that's just stupid."

:( K

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Michael Crichton
Or my aura looks like pudding.

The author whom I speak of in the title is a good author, and director. I rather like him.

His scientific approach is non-existant. Rather, he tries to approach things from the standpoint of reality. Science does not govern reality. Science barely explains reality. Science is self-serving. Reality just IS. really doesn't matter what you say or do.

Perhaps it is the nature of humanity to be afraid of things that can't be explained away, to deify and glorify that which seems to be, but cannot be explained. We feared and honored thunder and lightning for a very long time. And, because of our lack of fear, we tend to get zapped by it. Huh. Hiding in caves might have been wiser.

Also, there are things out there that cannot be scientifically measured. The measurement itself is the problem. Math is also a problem. While it does help quantize, thats turn into quantities, a number of things, it still doesn't explain alot. Chemists get lost due to math. And math can out math itself.

Not to mention, our science can't even figure out what it believes in. Psychaitry and Psychology were unaccepted, now they are a large portion of our medicine. Hypnotism, and Dr. Mesmer, were frowned and hated, even recently, but now Hypno-Therapists are some of the more successful therapists in the world.

And poisons, molds, rots, things we hate and loath, are injected into our bodies WILLINGLY with POSTIVE RESULTS.
Pig Botulism reduces wringles and lifts our face.
Penicillin is... well, that one was too easy.
We use viruses to conduct our genetic research. And some forms are very effective bacteria killers.
BLEACH, AMMONIA, and whatever is in CLR. Deadly chemicals, they destroy pretty much everything... so we harness that. We use it. And now, brighter whites, cleaner clothes, squeakier floors, CLEAN PIPES AND STUFF!!!

Now, why can't we just buckle down and try to research Psychic Phenomena.
We say we do. But you can't make them happen in laboratory settings. You can't produce them consistently. You can't always perform them with all people.

Then again... We can't create a black hole in a laboratory. We have to observe it, relatively speaking, in it's natural enviroment. We can't consistently produce many quantum events, but we believe in them. And while we know people can be allergic to shellfish, or cats, or dogs, or (and these are the people I feel sorry for) Peanuts or Cheese Cake (lactose intolerant), many of us aren't. YET DESPITE THE FACT THAT WE CANNOT RECREATE THESE WITHOUT THE RIGHT PEOPLE, WE ACCEPT THEM AS A FACT.

Come on, guys. How long are you going to believe the world is flat without looking for the edge? How long are you going to just go running to science when you see something weird. When can I convince you that, hey, it doesn't matter what causes the sky to be blue, but it does matter WHY it is blue. And no one can tell me that without resorting to some kind of god. I used to think I did, but that was only how it was blue.

To Mr Crichton, whom will never read this, WOW. Theories, speaches, and many idea's, not to mention you myriad of different works and collaberations, continue to boggle the mind. One of the genius elite. Though, unfortunately, you may not be as famous as you deserve till after your death, like many, many other members of the genius elite.