Sunday, September 02, 2007

Anglo Saxons Always Bet Red.

So, I have come to a grrraaannnddd conclusion.
Diplomacy SUCKS. Yeah. I have a new goal. To be the biggest ruler of the biggest nation. That way I can just smack all the others into line. This whole bargaining thing is NOT FUN. Oh well.

For those of you who have no idea what any of that has anything to do with anything, LUCKY!!!

Now, let us speak of politics.
HILARY: No change.
OBAMA: Black, young John Kerry.
THOMPSON: Next president.
POLITICAL DRIVE TO RE-LOWER DRINKING AGE TO 18: As an 18 yr old, I have a moral obligation to support it.
IMMIGRATION DEBATE: Well... Militarize the border. Use of Deadly Force Authorized. No Mans Land declared. Any Mexican soldiers trespassing are to be captured, conscripted, then done whatever we feel like. Hey, there's an idea... conscript our enemies to get around the geneva conventions... wonder what they say about that.

Now, let me muse on a friendlier topic. My life!

Okay... that was short. It's mine... It's life... It's... summed up in two words... my life... wow... I need a girlfriend... Or a real hobby... something...

Video Games!: BioShock is easily game of the month. It has a good chance for Game of the Year, but Halo 3 is probably going to take that. I can't talk about it really, not without throwing up spoilers. Best to say: Rescuing ending is the best by far. And I liked Atlas... Hated Fontaine... and realized the connection between you, ryan, and would you kindly early enough to hate what was going on.

This thing, Call of Duty 4... That's probably going to do really well. The multiplayer beta, I registered and downloaded and all that, has put me on my butt. This game is GOOD. The mechanics, the versatility. Even the small choice of game types, which isn't that small, is very good and fun. Plant and Disarm the Bomb in Search and destroy. There is a territories like mode. Then there is Deathmatch and the team version. Woo wee... this is going to be a fun while.

So, anyway, I've been wondering... What's up?
Not to mention, keep an eye out. I'm going to... eventually... start some video web logging soon. :0

That's VideoBlogging, I think... something....

Laters. ONE rules! sorta