Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Well, yesterday was my day to get the electronic baby and take it home.
I did. And I did well, I think. I was diligint... Dilegent... umm... Watchful!,
Whenever it cried, I did what I was supposed to.
That is stick a key in it's back and turn, hold till it coo's. Ten-twenty long minutes... Sore fingers.
Now I get to return it. I haven't headed for school yet, I had some time and needed to post. So.
The funny thing is everyone says the baby is cute. I don't think so. I know it is the great deciever.
It woke me up so many times last night, also.

Political blah

Okay, viable news story. The prisoner abuse. That was bad, real bad, but bush opposition is placing the blame on them. Does anyone blame him when our prisoners in our jails are abused? Nope. This situation should be handled by punishing the guilty party, and their commanding officers investigated in relation to this. They should have paid attention to their grunts around prisoners. And the civ? Tried in an iraqi court. Because abusing your captured foe is worse then shooting him in the back.

And the cali issues: Can't please everyone.

And about the mars rovers... Anyone know anything new? Though the pepsi commercial is funny.