Thursday, November 01, 2007

Good Evening! Good Morrow!

I'm hoping you all had a wonderful All's Hallow Eve! It is now All Saints day! Before the 12th chime of midnight a few minutes ago, the Trooping Faeries all left, going to where ever... I hope not my area... then again, could be fun.

The last of the witches are probably going to go home soon, and all the beasties will be well hidden before the first light of dawn. Kids will begin their efforts to fatten a dentist's wallet, and parents will be busy sorting candy. Men and women will be sleeping off their hang overs, or working through them, and some people will realize: Wow, they were much more attractive last night, or God, I hope I'm not pregnant.

Me? I didn't do anything much. Second year in a row, so I'm a little sad. But next year... I start EARLY. :)

And then All Souls Day upon the next midnight! Honor those who died since the last!

G'luck with the candy, kids, hang overs, dead pies... whatever...