Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I"M BACK!!!! I have decided that, since I need to express politics, I'm back

Okay. Down to brass tacks. I'm in favor for bush. *Matrix dodges tin cans and rotten fruit* Yes. That's right. He's actually a good president. But he's not perfect. But he's infinitely better then John Kerry. To quote John Stuart explaining some one else... I forgot who.

"I like John Kerry, he's a nice man, a good man, a bit of a pussy, a liar." He's not leadership material. He belongs in the senate. Someone tell him that for me, I won't get the chance.

Best place for objective news is the daily show with john stuart. Well... Atleast for news put in obvious lamens terms.

And in other news, me and the french babtist girl are getting along... sorta... I don't want to kill her anymore... often...

Me and Jenn (girlfriend) are still together. Over a year and some months now.

Umm... stuff.... umm... yeah. Stuff.