Thursday, August 25, 2005

From this day forward I plan on posting, or publishing it as blogger calls it, the articles of my local journalism class that have merit, whether or not they agree with my idea's. Fair and balanced. I vow that I am, and will, make sure they recieve full credit. Also, I vow that I will not edit their articles, short of obvious spelling mistakes. Like to, too, and two. Other then that, I'm not going to change articles, I'm going to publish all decent articles, etc. I will try and post both liberal, conservative, and moderate articles. I, ofcourse, will get their permission before posting a thing.

That out of the way, how are you? Good, good. THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!! HIT THE CLOWN, I REPEAT, HIT THE CLOWN. Good, that's out of the way.

Okay. Here goes my little two-bits.
Jack Thompson. He's the scary guy who was born with a stick up his butt. I don't like him. I wouldn't mind his death. Simply because, he is trying to tell the video game industry what is right, and what is wrong. He did this with movies first, I believe. There was the Hot Cofee incident. (Incidentally, there was nothing wrong with that, it being a M rated game, no one under 18 is supposed to play it), and he's targetted others before and after. He's harrasing webcomic artists, buddy icon sites, and other writers about their critical views of him. Examples? Here we go.

There are two that will direct you to others, and provide proof. He is not a good person. He's why the liberals have so much sway. Radical Fundementalism is as bad as Radical Liberalism. Radical is Radical is Radical is Bad. Simple as that. I dissapprove of the guys who actually want to kill him (assuming there were any before he claimed there were), but now I'm one of the ones who wouldn't care if he died. There would be no ripple in the force, so to say.

Now, I am going to talk about the Xbox 360. Or rather, I'm going to send you over to Major Nelson. He's the Xbox live boss, and seems to be an all around good guy. He can also tell you other things, steer you to links, etc. He was also the first to corpse hump on Halo 2 on the Xbox 360. I wonder who got the first kill?

I may post later, depending on what Bill O'Reilly talks about, if any of them upset me, or I feel like I should talk.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Oh, My, God. I just posted!!! ... Okay, that's out of my system. And if I do that again, please. Reprimand me violently.

I have been messing around, and that's when I was told, again, to play football. So that's what I'm doing. I need to go to tomorrow's practice. And stuff. I don't actually know, but I'll find out.

Also, I'm in Honor's US history, reading out of the most blatantly liberally biased text book I've ever seen. Even my teacher *very liberal, but fair* said that it was ridiculous. Oh well, that's my sit down class with Jennifer *says name with a venerated context*...

On the subject of history, I found this on my personal hero. One Benjamin Franklin. This is, well it's all in the site. Please, read it. It is indeed a true masterpiece, and is well thought out.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

This is another broad news post, and since i have 0 readers, period, I feel safe in saying that I'm angry. Mike LeClerc was traded off for a conditional draft pick in 2007... 2007!!! Steve Ruccin was also traded off to the coyotes, I think, for a player and conditional draft pick... in 2007... Whoever is doing this is going to regret it. Leclerc is a really good player, with alot of heart. And Steve Ruccin will get the puck almost every time in a face off, the guy has lightning for hands. They are shaking up the roster in bad ways. The ducks are almost out of real ducks on the team. I'm actually really sad.

In good news, Sergei Federov and Jean-Sebastian Giguere are still there... Did I mention that Steve Ruccin has been there his entire 10 yr career? That he was the captain? That this sucks more then they can imagine? That this won't be a good year for the ducks?