Thursday, November 10, 2005

Upon being ordered to Research The Teenage Mind in our computer lab today, I decided to sit amongst these creatures, and study them first hand. Here is what I have been offered as evidence.

Patriotic Middle Popularity
Upon being proven wrong, they will dig into popular myths and beliefs to dispute cold hard facts. Head strong, annoying, and effervescent in personality, Clashes with intelligent types unless they need intellectual assistance. I tolerate them.

Militarily Patriotic Idioms
Open minded, but stubborn on their moral views. Will not listen to reason beyond it's use to twist upon others. I dislike most of these types.

Jock-like low brow, high popularity.
Dis-like intellectuals. Violent, Don't listen to reason. Physically, if not mentally, superior then normal people. Will fail in life. I generally dislike these particular teenage organisms.

Athletic High Brow, Hig Popularity
Smarter then your average athlete, also shown to be better at life, more agreeably tempermented. Will concede defeat, but not without due cause. Honorable. Generally liked by most.

Low patriotic, low intelligence, labled trouble maker.
Generally smarter then appearing, really deserving the title mild intelligence, generally more likely to fall under the influences of mind altering subsances then any group except low brow jocks. Will stand up for what they believe, more likely to concede defeat if proven wrong. Generally looked down upon. Don't deserve the trouble maker label, trouble looks for them. Can beat jocks in fair fights. I generally like or respect them.

Poser idealed, unreformed posers.
Poser, Adj, A person trying to change themselves to fit in with a particular popularity group. Usually works so long as they are only among that group. Generally mess up several times before traumatic event either changes them into, or returns them to their orginal, groups. Generally better looking and smarter then popular, but un-discovered talents and social scorn drive them.

Self Idealed, Reformed Posers.
Decidedly better poser types, found who and what they are and returned to it. May not be what is originally percieved, but will make them happier. Appears to be happy and carefree on surface. WARNING: Do not try and correct these organisms, they respond violently with tampering. I generally strongly enjoy their company in mild doses.

Not posers, despite modern theory, are themselves and do what they enjoy. Usually of higher intelligence, mild creativity, and high self esteem. May go streaking just to streak, may be Amoral, despite morality, and appears strange. Enjoys art, the opposite sex's company beyond physically oddities. Awesomeness abound.
Myself Falls into this category, slightly.

I hate teenagers sometimes, they are hard to study.