Thursday, December 15, 2005

I tried this out in my mind. Owie. But awesome none the less.

In later news, Tookie is dead. Yup.... Doesn't care.

Christmas removed in stead for Holiday. I'll kill the secularists myself. That's wrong. But my midterm papers on it, so I'm not going to kill my arguments on it now. I'll type it up and post it when I finish.

Bill O'Reilly is still speaking truths, usually. No spin.

Speaking of spin, I have discovered making myself dizzy. In the middle of english today I stood up and started spinning. Yup. Fun. Alot.

And viking tug of war will make it's comeback soon. I said so.

Halo Tourney is being set up in the boron/desert lake/etc area. Were not sure on details and such, but we are pretty sure we can get it all set up. No entry fee as of publishing and location undetermined. Date undetermined.
Tomorrow I see who's the most dominant halo player in this area. Me, Or elyias amaya. I'm going to brush up on all my halo and halo 2 stuff. Actually, starting now.

Yup... that's alot of typing.