Thursday, January 19, 2006

Academic Decathalon... Sounds painful. It is, sometimes. Like when they decide to start early, for a timed essay, about 15 min early, and your almost 8 blocks away... But I got Jose calmed down enough to do well. He was freaked over how he blew his speach.

I DID NOT blow my speech. Inso fact, I aced it. I mean, I didn't prepare a speach. I researched much of Machiavelli. Then spoke about him. Not the negatives, but who he was, how he thought. Then we have an impromptu speech. I chose if I could go back in time and BE anyone, who and why. I chose him. I'd make a few subtle changes. Marriage. To not die a lonely and sad death. That would be about it. He was a great man. Sad, misunderstood, and immensely disliked during and after his life, but wonderful.

And my Interview was good. I had one engaging judge, and one who sat and absorbed it all. And in my obituary, I would want it to say "He was a very evil man. But he had an immense heart, despite this. He looked into the heart of everyone, and saw them as they were." I was actually asked by them if I died tomorrow, what would I want in my obituary.

Now the essay, that was interesting. God, how annoying. Oh well.

I believe it has come time to sleep.
I'm not sure if the kings are going to win this hockey game. It's tied, with 7 minutes to go in the 3rd and last period. We'll see.

L.A. is ahead 1 pt with 2:30 to go.

LA WON!!! YEAH!!! I'm a big anaheim fan, but I'd prefer L.A. to win then a non-socal team. So good night everyone.

Monday, January 09, 2006

School has returned as of today, or monday, if I take too long writing this. It is almost midnight. I must be up at seven, and awake inside of a few seconds. I have much on my list of to-do's this year. I have a sheet of resolutions literally a page long. So I guess I should start, though the kissing one is postponed until Ocotber, maybe destroyed. More on that in a minute.

I must say, before I forget, that there is much more to any single thing then we realize. Pick up any object on your desk and think of what you see. Then what you know about it. Then close your eyes and feel through it. What it feels. A certain depth untangible. But it's there. And soothe, it's more then we could readily realize. But it's not just objects. Everything has that quality. People, animals, and I believe emotions to be tangible in the same way. I plan on learning more about animals and people through this newly realized talent, and idea.

Well, back on more realistic things, Jennifer, love of my life for almost 3 years, may move away from me. From So-Cal to Boulder City, Nevada. Kinda far. I'm sad, but that's what happens in October. So it is my goal to figure out how to make her remaining time awesome. I might lose her when she's there. She doesn't believe long distance relationships work. This alarms me, but in all truth, it is the most realistic and optimistic view to take on it. So blech. Good luck with that...

Well all, Long nights and Good Nights to all.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Here is a valid question. When a friend, close or otherwise, needs help but doesn't know it, and it's hard for you to give it, when You don't want to help, and your love would dissapprove, etc, do you still help? And how do you do it? Forcefully? Coersively? Do you compromise your values to help them? Do you hurt yourself to help them? Do you risk everything? I'd like to think that I am good enough to do it. And I plan on trying...

In anycase, This will become very interesting.

So I have begun writing again. Poems, Stories, and this nice little piece on the eradication of Christmas from December. But I can't publish any here, as I don't have any of the hard copies with me, and I didn't write them on this comp.

So have fun, everyone. Arro out.