Monday, May 08, 2006

[td]Teaching Ethics and Morals: Indoctrinate me for an A!

Colleges and schools tend ot teach morals, ethics, etc. Your teachers advocate "monogamy", "abstinence", "safe sex", "morals", "ethics". If you don't agree, you are discliplined. Your views are flawed, according to our authoritarian "Teachers" and "Proffessors." Questions, tests, quizes, all geared toward an exact response, considered the "correct" response. Tests ask one correct answer questions, seemingly easy but not always correct. We label good and bad.

Why? A simple questoin. Simple answer. Because we have let other points of view try and raise our youth. Because even if it is morally right, they believe that we are wrong. So each generation continues to be fogged in, and lob weird accusations of immorality at each other, though that action, and what they believe is right, is in essence bad and harmful. Much like linking Satan, The Devil, with Music, Art, Drama, as was done in the not so distant past. And tends to be done today. Playwrites, violinists, artists, all deomns. And so we do demonize or sanctifiy to sainthood and senate other mortals, erring, and ultimately self-serving humans. What we call evil.

Take that home. Chew on it. It's delicious. It's good for yhou. And is incredibly common amongst both adults and teens. We are no longer capable, by thier recognizing, of discerning a moral on our own. if it's not discernable, why is it a moral? Where did they learn it?[/td]

Wrote this for Psychology class. If I didn't ace the hard facts part of that class, I'd fail. I'm not big on the teachers incredibly incredibly close minded ethics. Oh well, you learn where you can, right guys?