Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hey. It's been toooo long since the last time I posted something. Okay, Let's run a quick list... I will need a real list for a longer list.

Hillary Clinton is still a horrible person. Horrible. Utterly and entirely. I'll detail eventually, when I have time.

War in Iraq is proceeding better then I expected. It's like fighting a guerilla war. Not easily winnable. All you idiots yelling at bush? If you think you can do better, go there yourself. I'm sure our soldiers will hold fire when they use you as a meat shield. Or not... Probably not.

Lebanon... Just go in there, take their rockets, and kill them. I hate to say this, but INNOCENT PEOPLE ARE DYING. THIS IS AN ACT OF WAR ON ISRAEL. LEBANON HAS NOT TRIED TO STOP IT, SO THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE. If mexican terrorists did this, we'd give them 2 days to do something about it, then we'd go in there, execute the terrorists, and take over mexico till they get their act together. Because it's our right as a soveriegn nation to wage war for no reason, and to react to aggression. And take any land we can secure. Including... all... of... both american continents. We have the right to do that. And they have the right to fight back or invade. And other countries have the right to choose sides and duke it out to.

Wisconsin Proffesors... Well, guillotine. I'm sick of him already. Guillotine. Like what should be done to sadaam by his former people, and should be done to Osama bin Laden... But I feel better knowing we were hit by a smart if weasly S.O.B. He's hiding somewhere.

Seperation of Church and State? Well, I hate organized religion. I haven't been to church in a long time. I don't say Grace over dinner unless being polite. I don't pray out loud. But here is the thing. It even bothers me to see a cross prominent. But WTF people? YOU ARE INFRINGING ON OTHER PEOPLES RIGHTS WHEN YOU MAKE THEM TAKE DOWN THEIR CROSS. A 498763 foot tall cross? Solid silver? Blinds little children? THEIR RIGHT... As long as they but red blinky lights per tower standards. And I quote "The Goverment May Make No Laws Regarding The Establishment or Practice Of Religion." That includes removing crosses because they are crosses...

Okay. This is the one and only Arrowatch out. XboxLive Gamertag: Arrowatch. Look me up. I'll whoop you. :-p Kiddin. Email: Kealakalai@yahoo.com

Seriously. Comment, or mail me... actually mail me... I'm floating in a see of loneliness. *emo fish swimming... Punk fish begining... Bye bye emo fish...*