Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Darkness

Okay, just started. Good game so far. GOOD storyline. GREAT opening sequence.

The main character, Jackie Estacado, looks GOOD. So does everything. Graphics look good. Your two best friends in the begining you get to like. Before 5 minutes are up, they are both gone.
So, there is this Lt. Watada. He refused to go to Iraq, and made a couple of, for people of the military, illegal speaches.

He said he was refusing to obey an illegal order. Because the war is illegal.

I may have broached this subject, but all wars are legal. Sovereign right as a nation. Something most of us "civilized" people seem to forget.

Some other "progressive" sites said that the war was illegal due to the president's basis on unfacts (some even said lies), and I found too many while looking for the name of that thing which says soldiers are not only free, but obligated, to disobey an order that breaks or violates laws, treaties, or the constitution. (If anyone can give me the name of that particular thing, I'd be most appreciative.)

Let's get this straight. He was looking for WMD's, and diposing of a terror sponsoring dictator. Assuming you say no contacts with Al-Queda, and that's probably not true, the Danish found Mustard gas and mortar shells. That's a WMD. Chemical weapons are the original WMD. Nuclear weapons were re-classified as WMD, though they were formerly Atomic Weapons. We knew he already used them. Okay, allegedly, there is a slight chance that some outside operators may have come in and killed all the kurds. And there is a chance that JFK's assasination was a communist plot. Oh, here's a thought! I think with a bit of research and creativity, I can create a viable communist conspiracy around JFK's death. Or perhaps a Suicide Conspiracy.

While I'm the first person to credit sound conspiracies, not everything is convoluted. Sometimes it was just an unhappy american who killed the person. Maybe the holy grail was burned in a tavern fire. Maybe our intelligence was sound, and tracks were hidden. And maybe I'm a Right Wing nutjob. My teachers think I'm a liberal extremist.

Maybe I'm just a Warmonger. Possibly. Me and The Rough Rider himself.

-Arrowatch has too much spare time.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wow. Just WOW. It has been a VERY long time since I actually posted here. Almost a Year.

Okay, since no one reads it anyway, quick my life Re-Cap.

Got back with jenn. Fell out quickly. Couple of close encounters, minor together/aparts, final fall out, big pregnancy scare, almost got together again, called her a whore, and we are kaputs. Barely friends. She's not a bad person, I am. I will admit my faults.

Fell for a girl, she had similiar boyfriend issues as I had with jenn. They stayed more together. Never had guts to ask her out. She went to boot camp in army.
Didn't hook up with girls at party, though not for their or my friends lack of trying. My mad womenzorskillz are non-existent. Too shy, I guess. And I can be a jerk.

Between last post and this one, I grew close to a few of my previously sattelite friends. Cameron Parry, Elyias Amaya, Travis Ratliff. Good guys. I actually spend a large portion of my time either sleeping, or hanging out with them. Cameron gets us into trouble, Travis laughs with me at the trouble, and Elyias... Well, I'm not sure WHAT Elyias does. Comedic Relief/Bat Cave.
Grew apart from some of my other friends. They went down a path I don't agree with.

Hehehe. Senior Year. I GRADUATED. Oh Yeah, Diploma. I didn't get honors, or NSF, or nothing. I did too much slacking. Grr to me. Smartest person in class gets smacked by slacker-ness. Okay, Second. Greg Saylor, good guy, might be smarter.

Oh, god, where do I start.
Still hate Hillary Clinton. Sorry. She slips into a southern accent whenever she's not infront of a hoighty toighty crowd. She panders. The Devil once remarked, and I'm 18 so I can say this, "That is one cold ass bitch." I know, I was there thwarting an Apocolypse.

Fred Thompson is a good guy. Actor not withstanding, he has been in politics constantly for a long time. I'm proud to say I will support him when/if he chooses to run.

Bruce Willis is Bruce Willis. He makes fun of Al Gore. BYAAAHHH!!!

I miss blogging more regularly...

I have been an avid Ducks fan since they were named by Disney. Since I was little.
The first time the cup winners were on the West Coast in 80 Years. First time in California EVER. Three teams in So-Cal. The DUCKS take the cup this year, the year of my graduation. SCANT DAYS BEFORE SAID GRADUATION!!!

Umm... Yeah. I'll try and keep this thing updated. Who knows, someone might actually read it.

-Arrowatch, The Master of All