Thursday, August 16, 2007

BMW is not a car company
It's a confusing show on disney...

And a happy HELLO to Order of Night Eternal.

Anyway, I was joking and told a group of people to Google Arrowatch... I don't know what I was thinking. I forgot about my Blog here. I was thinking of the myriad of other places Arrowatch is living in cyberspace, or perhaps my gamer tag would show up...

They found this not oft used blog.

Hey guys, didn't mean to confuse you with this. :)

Anyway, on to more pressing issues while I'm here. Boy Meets World.
Corey and Topenga got married. Last week they were in Jr. High... This show be confusing. Also: Why am I watching it?!

Ugh. I'm feeling sick. Like hangover, but no drinking. I'm going to lay down, I think.

And remember: Freedom is only a duck away from foosball.