Monday, December 17, 2007

Let us try something new, yes? We are going to try a daily blog... At very least about my daily exploits. This will make me update, and drive me to do at least a few interesting things a day.

Perhaps I might even stick to the daily schedule!

Anyway, Today was a good day, I guess.

Went shopping... I hate shopping... Got Christmas presents and assorted Christmas goods. My driving is improving. For example, now it's not me who freaks out. It's my mother, the self-avowed Bad Passenger. She's not the worst. Not by far. But it's good for me to have a nervous passenger. It made me recognize things I know others don't.

Did not get minutes for my Cell Phone. We were checking out at the counter at the place we planned on getting them at, and we realized something. The kind I needed was not with all the others. The kind I use was in the electronics section... And I was not about to go slogging back through the store after we had started checking out. Oh no. So that was a flop. Got 40 bucks on my desk, and I'm about to label them Cell Phone NOW.

Or not. Maybe something polite, because I get angry when someone demands something of me in the morning. Even if it is me.

God, shopping takes all day. IT'S SO STUPID. ANNOYING. SUPERCILIOUS.

Why is my blog, at this moment, the equivalent of a teen age girls Myspace Bulletin? BECAUSE I SAID SO. And that's good enough for me. Gotta start somewhere with that daily update thing, right?

Also, Left Turns are Harder then they appear.