Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yeah, I think that, maybe... I missed the Post a Day quota.

Anyway, happy 2008...

Monday, January 07, 2008

So, this is going to be a Laynah style post. Where I just say something about stuff.

Like: Should I take Biology? Do I want to go back into science?

Why are there no law related courses at CCCC:SK?
Why is CCCC:SK so stupid sounding?!

Why have my Watch queries gone unanswered?

Are we alone in the universe?

The answer to all the above questions are: YOU DON'T CARE. So let me tell you something you might actually care about.

I let my subconscious brain do most of the thinking. And it came up with some interesting factoids:

Turns out I could date a younger girl. That is STUPID. I hate my subconscious, X-p

Depending on the state change of the electrons that flow through a noble gas, it might be possible to solidify a noble gas and use it as a super conductive medium. This would then be known as The First Discovery of Keala. Screw my last name, I don't like it much.

I also wondered about the physical manipulation of the human body...
If a person can use a pacemaker, why not manipulate the heart itself through amino-acid based protein chains and surgical restructuring.
Why not find a way to enhance the lung capacity of deep divers.
Why haven't we begun bracing the bones themselves with ceramic carbide splints for special forces, athletes, and extreme-conditions construction specialists?

We can put a rover on mars, but not the bottom of our own planet's oceans? We can genetically engineer glowing mice and glowing celery, but we can't outwit down syndrome? Or develop a bacteria that eats virus'?

I think that perhaps scientists should back of cancer TREATMENT for a few years, and look at cancer PREVENTION. Early warning tests and divine exactly what destroys cancerous or other mutated cells in our body, and the way of reproducing or enhancing our bodies ability to destroy cancerous cells before they become harmful.

Okay, so this wasn't very Laynah like. More like one of those things I should have kept to myself so I could invent in the future...
But would you give me money to develop a new undersea rover?

Would you put your life in my hands so I can test my ceramic carbide splints? Or my heart-restructuring procedures?

Not that ANYONE ever comes here unless I physically direct them here... but if someone does, feel free to opine, as it were.