Friday, October 31, 2008

HOLY HANNAH. It's been... FOREVER since my last post.

Jeeze. Okay, recap.

Obama FAILS the truth test. McCain, at least, is a little more trustworthy.
Palin isn't so bad. Trust me. People can never give me a straight reason not to like her. NONE OF THEM. :( And I ask around.
Then again, Biden isn't so bad. And we aren't allowed to hate old white guys if they aren't republicans. It's like a law or something.

I'm in Sociology and Speech. I'm going to fail my music class. I can't help it. I study, but all the concepts go over my head. At this point, I'm drowning, I'm so far behind in the work, even if I AM studying late into the night when no one else is up making noise.
Music is just one of those things i Have trouble with. Even when I know how to read notes, I really don't. You can't put notes on a page and expect me to play them. So I struggle. Then you have music terms in languages I don't even LIKE. Much less speak. Much less correlate to concepts, considering I think in english. You ever wonder that? What language do you think in?

If you want to learn a language better, start thinking in it. Like, look around and identify it... whatev, off topic.

Shout out to Josh and Jessica Fielder for tolerating me. John too, even if they don't like him as much.

Shout out to Maria, who apparently I don't make feel loved enough. Whatev, girly, go live your life like the wild thang you are!!!

Umm... Shout out to Eric Duvall, Kowaizo, The Mongol Max (same person) for being awesome. Love ya, brohymn.

Family and friends not mentioned, god bless.

I think I"m off topic. Bye for now! (More regular updates probably not going to happen, but gotta try.